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Our Property Management Service


Matthew Alexander Real Estate is a boutique agency that offers a personal touch to property. We cover a full range of property management services to properties all over Brisbane and Goldcoast area with the goal of ensuring our clients investment properties are at their peak performance maximising yield.

Why Choose Matthew Alexander


We offer a Lower Property per Property Manager Ratio ensuring your investment gets the attention it deserves.

So if you feel your current Property Manager isn’t giving you or your property the attention deserved then it might be because they’re stressed to the hilt looking after 100 to 150+ other properties, and it might be time for a change.

We can offer you a service that only comes when the Principals of the agency deal hands on with the management of your property.

So you have peace of mind to know that the people who are closest to the management of your property have the greatest vested interest in the success of your portfolio.


We use specialised leasing consultants trained to rent your property to great tenants faster.

Just like a great sales agent will get you a better price for your home, so will a great leasing consultant get you a better tenant paying more rent in less time.

• We use an established prospective tenant database which gives us a distinct advantage in the prompt letting of your property.

We also make it very easy for prospective tenants to hand in applications and maintain a full time processing staff member to pre-approve applications.

We use innovative marketing to maximize exposure of your property which helps our leasing consultants find you a quality tenant fast.

Not only do we offer our agency website, but also and several other national and international sites + e-brochures to tenants who have enquired to us previously.

• We take great care throughout the tenant qualification and selection process.

Our Leasing Consultants will specifically show prospective tenants through our clients properties to see how they treat the property. Upon the application process, we perform thorough checks on employment, personal and previous rental references and utilise the services of default tenant databases such as TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australasia).


• We appreciate our clients time is important. As your Property Managers, we will do our utmost to assist you the first time you call.

• We will communicate with you regularly and keep you fully informed on all important matters relating to the leasing and management of your property.

• We are committed to a high level of professional, personalised service which we believe to be   matched in the field of Residential Property Management in the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas.

Our 100% customer satisfaction - So if ever you feel that we have failed to provide the service outlined above and you have brought it to the attention of one of our managers, we will refund you that full month’s management fees.                               


While we are quietly busy doing what we do well, the real results do the talking.

Here’s what our clients are say.

“I had my property listed for rent with another well known agent with no success and no feedback for more than 3 weeks. After calling Matthew Alexander Real Estate my property was rented within 7 days from when I made the call for the price I was asking, which I felt was reasonable market rent. They have done an excellent job in keeping me informed the entire time.”

—Alison Finlay

“I have been an investment property owner for almost 20 years and I know it takes a good property manager to make sure your properties are maintained correctly to lower your risk and continually increase return. I would like to recommend Matthew Alexander Real Estate as they have done an excellent job doing exactly that and keep me in the loop with their personalised service at the same time”

— Lee Tan

“I received a letter from Matthew who was able to find me a tenant within a few short days after having my property on the rental market for about a month before with another agent. I have also been very satisfied with the prompt management service from Maggie and I can’t recommend them highly enough”

— Ashley McGilvery

“I heard about the service Matthew Alexander Real Estate provided from a friend. I was not satisfied with my property manager at the time so I called Matthew to take over the management. The process was very easy and I’m very glad I made the decision because the service and peace of mind is so much better”

— Heidi Jakob



We deliver by offering an achievable yet optimal rental appraisal of your investment property in order to maximise your return.

We use the following tools when assessing the market rental value of property:

  1. Market conditions
  2. Comparable property rents
  3. Vacancy factors
  4. General condition of the property
  5. Tenant quality and the length of tenancy

    You can even go online and request a free rental appraisal which will take less than 1 business day.


    All prospective tenants are thoroughly screened using our 5 stage screening process.

  1. Identification - Photo preferred (Drivers Licence / Passport / Proof of Age Card / Pensioner Card / Birth Certificate)
  2. Income Verification (Payslips / Letter from employer / Bank Statement / Centrelink Statement)
  3. National tenancy database search (TICA).
  4. Comprehensive tenancy history and or personal reference checks.
  5. Finally prospective tenants are approved or disapproved by you as the owner of the property. You have the final say. You will always be contacted prior to tenancy approval and we deliver by communicating regularly to keep you fully informed.


    • We will send you an easy to understand monthly rent statement. You can elect to receive these via email or post.

    • Our ongoing sale appraisals are sent out to you FREE twice a year to keep you up to date with how much your property portfolio is worth.

    • We have highly detailed policies and procedures that are followed by all members of staff to ensure a high level of consistent service.

    • We are dedicated to a prompt, personalized and professional service.

    • We are dedicated to our core values of trust, integrity and honesty.

    • Our service extends beyond our office, we are constantly working in the field networking to assist our owners prospects.

    • We will communicate with you regularly to ensure you are constantly aware of the status of your property, your account and your tenancy.


    Management and Rent Collection: 7.7% Including GST

    Letting Fee: Equivalent to 1 weeks rent + GST

    Sundry Fee: $0.00 for e-statements or $5.50 per month posted correspondence

    End of Year Statement Fee: FREE

    Court Tribunal Representation: $55 per hour (Note: we will only charge this if it is covered in your landlords insurance policy, otherwise our representation fee is free)  *Note: We offer discounts for multiple properties


There is no doubt that well presented properties achieve top rents and usually attract the best quality tenants. That adds up to a higher investment return, together with fewer headaches and shorter vacancy periods.

Valuable Presentation Tips:

• Tend the gardens, mow the lawns, and clean the windows, paths, gutters and outside paintwork. These are all the things are seen from the street, and you don’t want prospective tenants to dismiss the property before getting to the front door.

• Repair or replace leaking taps, sticking doors, broken light fittings, door handles, rotten floorboards, leaking gutters and torn fly screens.

• If you are thinking of painting, only paint those areas that really need it unless you plan to do the lot. New paint may only make those areas left unpainted look even shabbier. Use light, neutral colours as strong colours may not be to the tenants liking.

• Get rid of odours that you may not notice but prospective tenants will, such as pet smells. You should look at getting carpets professionally cleaned prior to tenancy commencement, it is not a legal requirement that the tenant have this done again upon vacate, but if it is done for them it is easier to enforce.

• Open all curtains and blinds to allow natural light into the premises as no one likes a dark house, and the view will make the rooms appear bigger.

• Have the property clean, tidy and uncluttered at all inspection times.

• If your property has a pool, ensure the pool and the surrounds are sparkling clean. You want your prospective tenants to think of it as an asset, not a burden. If the filter or the pool needs professional repairs, it is better to do it now rather than putting it off. The repairs are usually tax deductible.

• Ensure all electrical wiring and power points are safe. This includes any electrical appliances to be included with the property.

• Ensure all glass in the premises, such as shower screens, balcony sliding doors, windows etc are all compliant with current safety standards and requirement.

• Insurance cover on the property which includes public liability should assist in the event of an accident should a prospective tenant who become injured whilst inspecting the property for future rental. Extra protection for your valuable investment Landlord Insurance is something we suggest you consider, but something we hope you will never need to use. You just don’t know when a good tenant may face difficult times or their circumstances may change – but it’s good to know you won’t too.

Some Landlord Insurance policies cover such things as:

• Accidental and malicious damage by the tenant

• Theft of items by the tenant

• Loss of rent

• Legal expenses

• Public Liability

• Damage to the building and contents caused by fire, storm, water damage and various other events (depending on the policy taken). Property Management should really be left to the experts – A few of the reasons why!

If you would like more information on our services, please feel free to contact our office


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